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Rising Stars

The ASCA Junior Program is one of the brightest stars in all of ASCAs programs. ASCA offers young Aussie fanciers the unique opportunity to compete on Regional and National Levels. Juniors compete in Handling, Obedience, Herding and Agility. Juniors accumulate pts thru the year to earn year end awards and National Recognition.

ASCA knows that the future of our great breed rests with the Jr's of today. Membership to Jr members is at no charge. It is a sure sign of a great program when you have this much Jr participation.

Do you have a junior you would like added to the page send an e-mail with a picture and a short write-up on our rising stars to

Raley Maddox

Raley started showing in PeeWee with her best friend Swagger, with a pacifier in her mouth.  She missed the second show that day because she was taking a nap.  She has growing into quite a good little handler.  She is now interested in competing in Agility.  In the 2021 – 2022 show year she earned Degree Level 4 and an invitation to ASCA Junior Finals.  She and, her best boy, Navy traveled to Texas and showed in Junior classes and Altered Dog.  They earned some lovely ribbons, had great fun and learned so much.  Watch for Raley in the future in both Conformation and Agility.


Dawson Maddox

Dawson started showing Swagger as a PeeWee handler and has moved into the Sub Junior class now.  I look forward to watching him improve and grow as a Sub Junior and then as a Junior.

Scarlett Escobar

 is a 6 year old who wants to do all the things Australian shepherds can do. She is particularly interested in agility but also participates in sub junior handling.


Mason Escobar

is 9 years old. He has taken a strong interest in handling and has a dream goal of qualifying for ASCA finals

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