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ASCA Baker

We are the
FL Pan-handlers

Dedicated to the protection and Advancement of the Versatile Aussie!

Events we host

The ASCA Conformation program is designed to promote the exhibition of ASCA registered purebred Australian Shepherds and award those that conform to the ASCA Breed Standard. This standard of judging was accepted and approved by the membership in 1977.

The Conformation Program has two classifications in which to compete for Championship points. One for Intact dogs and bitches; and another for Altered (spayed/neutered) dogs and bitches. Both Programs utilize the same rules and regulations, with one minor variance: to allow the competition of spayed/neutered dogs within its own division. ASCA is the first dog registry to actually allow altered dogs/bitches acquire Championships.


In 1995, after five years of development, ASCA incorporated Agility competition into its competitive programs. ASCA Agility is open to all breeds. There are three titling classes: Regular, Jumpers, and Gamblers. The three levels offered are Novice, Open, and Elite. 

This fun and challenging team work sport offers great competition. Most dogs enjoy the sport of agility. Although it may look easy, it takes a lot of time and training for a dog and handler to become a team.



The ASCA obedience program offers competition for teams at all levels of obedience through Regular, Optional Titling and Non-Regular classes. ASCA welcomes all breeds to compete in its Obedience Trials (other than the National Specialty). Earning an obedience title is a testament to the bond forged between dog and owner.  Many obedience handlers (and their dogs) deeply enjoy the rich relationship that develops from training for this sport.

ASCA Rally Trials are designed to allow teams with all kinds of goals and abilities to meet and compete in an atmosphere of camaraderie.  Training for and competing in ASCA Rally not only adds to your team’s skillset; it builds strong bonds between you and your dog.  If you are a newcomer to Rally, be ready, lasting friendships often develop!


The purpose of the ASCA Stockdog Program is to preserve and promote the instinct of the Australian Shepherd to be a versatile stockdog. The program showcases, preserves, encourages, retains, challenges, and rewards the working Australian Shepherd through the use of certification programs and challenging trialing disciplines on several classes of stock.  

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