Florida Pan-Handlers ASC, Inc        
Dedicated to the Protection and            Advancement  of the Versatile Aussie        

 Most Versatile Aussie

The mission statement of the FL Pan-Handlers ASC, INC is to protect and preserve the Versatile Australian Shepherd.

October 2016 - MVA “Most Versatile Australian Shepherd”

MVA - SVCH PCH WTCH CH ATCH Coolmoor 2R Ewe Talk to This, CDX, D, RM, OFTDsd, RTD

Qualifying placement is the order listed:  
Snap - Shelly Spotswood
 Goose – Sharon Cooper
 Rose – Laura Clayton
 Maggie – Molly Reyenga
 Sawyer –Betsy Bragg
 Sam – Cinda Walters
 Bug – Andrea Hoffmann

May 2016 - MVA “Most Versatile Australian Shepherd”

The MVA at our May 2016 event and it was a great success.  In order to offer MVA the FLPHASC hosted Duck Trials, Agility Trials, Rally Trials, Obedience Trials and the MVA evaluation.  

 Below are the placements for our MVA

1st – “Amber” Sunfire’s Red Savina                405
Photo credit to "Ambient Exposure Photography, Adam Short


2nd – “Goose”   Bayoulands Duck Duck Goose 378

3rd – “Sawyer” Blue Note’s Rock With You     364

4th – Maggie”  Sierra-Echo Swan Cloud                      340

5th – “Swagger”           Los Suenos Miami Hurricane  334

6th – “Trigger” Coolmoor’s Go Man Go                      318